lundi 9 mai 2016

 Sahara Camel Trips is owned  and founded by Moha Sahlaoui . Moha was born in Omlahdij, a small village about 15 km west of Merzouga , As a child, he was given the responsibility of looking after his father's sheeps , goats and camels. When he was seven years old he entered primary school in his village and stayed there for 6 years and afterwards he moved to secondary school .The last years of studying was spent in Rissani where Moha got the urge to return to the great silence and calm in desert because he could not forget that style of living. He has many years of experience organizing camel trips into the Sahara desert and he knows it very well ,he speaks a great number of languages such as English , Spanish , French , Arabic and of course Berber which is his native language .
 Hassi Labied, where Moha lives today is a little village just 30 km north of Rissani and 4 km before Merzouga village on the road towards Taoes. It is right next to the dunes of Erg Chebbi. In the other direction you have a huge plain of stone desert .
Our goal at  Sahara Camel Trips  is to create a welcoming, comfortable, and exciting atmosphere for my guests and also supporting and cooperating with local Cameleers , to help them to  provide an income to support their families , and respects and values their nomad culture and the traditional Bedouin of life .Sahara Camel Trips always provides reasonably priced transportation, bivouacs , camel trips and accommodations. We treat our  customers as if they were part of our family and love to share the warmth of Moroccan hospitality with them. We welcome you to explore our country, experience our way of life, and get to know the people who live here. Come and have a great time and learn about our culture and history.  

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